Documentation for infrabot

Getting started

To begin to use infrabot you have to download the latest release from here: Download.

By default Installer installs binary files to C:\Program Files\

During installation, Windows service will be created. By default service will use Local System credentials, however you can change to any other user account or to Active Directory Managed Service Account. After changing account, make sure that it has Read\Write permissions to your infrabot installed folder and Read permission to your scripts and executables path.

Then you have to create your own Telegram bot. In order to do that please perform steps from guide here: Guide.

As soon as you get your API token from Telegram, you have to set it in config.json file, otherwise Bot will NOT WORK!

By default there are 9 preinstalled plugins, which you can turn off or remove at any time, by deleting (or moving to another directory) of the required .plug file.

Note: you have to set administrative user which can unlock Active Directory users in plugin script files located by default in `C:\Program Files\\plugins` folder. Commands `/unlockaduser` and `/lockaduser` will not work without proper configuration.