Documentation for infrabot

Infrabot Service

Infrabot service can work:

  • As Windows Service (recommended)
  • From Command promt

Windows Service

In order to Run service open Service.msc by searching in Start, find service and click Start from the context menu.

Command promt

In order to Run from command promt navigate to infrabot installation directory in cmd and just run TelegramBot.exe. When infrabot runs from command promt it will not start itself at system restart. You wll have to run it manually. It is recommended to use command promt mode while troubleshooting when infrabot windows service crashes after startup. You will see a reason of the crash in the command promt.

  • Change directory to infrabot folder (by default C:\Program Files\

  • Run TelegramBot.exe

Reinstalling Service

If you decide to move infrabot from one folder to another and if you want infrabot still operate like windows service, you will have to reinstall service. In order to do that:

  • Run Command promt as administrator

  • Change directory to your new destination

  • Run TelegramBot.exe --install