Documentation for infrabot

Plugin Overview

Infrabot understands plugins and works with them. In order to add functionality to infrabot, you should download or create your own plugins and install it. Each plugin determines which command does infrabot execute.

There are several rules which you should know about plugin:

  • infrabot understands only .plug files like a plugin
  • Plugin is a simple ZIP archive which may contain any number and any types of files. After creating zip archive, you must change its extension from .zip to .plug
  • In order to install plugin, you have to put .plug file into /plugins directory of the infrabot installation path. As soon as you do that, infrabot will create subdirectory in /plugins with the name of the .plug file, and extract all its content there.
  • If you delete .plug file, subdirectory with the same name in the /plugins directory will be deleted as well. There is no point in putting files into directories created after plugin deployment.
  • If you delete directory in /plugins folder after plugin deployment, plugin will not redeploy itself and command will not work, because extracted files are absent
  • There is no need to do anything after deployment of plugins. Infrabot automatically reads them after deployment (or deletion) and they are available for use immediately
  • Each plugin must have one plugin.json file and at least one PS1 PowerShell script or one EXE file. (Depends on plugin type)
  • plugin.json must be located in a root directory of the ZIP archive
  • Other files including main script can be located in any subdirectory of the plugin. Note that you must write relative paths to your source files in your plugin scripts

You can explore plugins just using zip archiver or Plugin Editor app